Sunday, June 03, 2012

A Little Help From Some Friends

Last Wednesday, HoCo Government made a bit of a loco Internet sensation when they posted a story about a duckling rescue in Town Center on facebook.

At lunch the next day I got “the rest of the story.”

Chris and Jason, who work for Ease Technologies, noticed a very distressed duck by a storm drain near the Merrill Lynch building parking lot on their way to an appointment. They decided to see what was up and soon discovered the cause of the ducks angst. Her babies had fallen into the storm drain and were still there. The boys called 911 who alerted HoCo Animal Control resulting in a successful rescue mission.
The whole episode was captured on the iPhone of Chuck Bubeck, the president of Ease.

“Mall security showed up and the animal control woman was able to scoop up the ducklings into the carrier one at a time as mom looked on nervously.  Once they were all safely  in the carrier, she walked the carrier to a the gassy area parallel to LPP with the mom trailing behind where they were released and reunited with mom (video).  The mama was a wreck over her babies being trapped and when I approached to take these shots she was careful to keep me back from the rescue action.”
In sharing this story over the weekend some of my friends have commented that this was nothing but a big waste of county money. I disagree. It’s not as if we don’t already have the resources in place to handle things like this. Animal Control has to deal with some pretty heartbreaking stuff so it’s nice to see when their work has a happy ending too.
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