Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where Did the Weekend Go?

“Where did the weekend go,” I thought to myself as I cleaned up after Sunday dinner. Here it was the night before another work week and it felt like another weekend had flown by.

That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. Friday was the last day of school and Peanuts last day of middle school. Unlike some private schools, Ellicott Mills did not have an elaborate eighth grade graduation ceremony. They had a formal dance on Wednesday and a nice little assembly on the last day but no caps and gowns scene. I think that’s a little too much, for eighth grade anyway.

We marked the occasion beginning with lunch outside at Johnny’s Main Street Bistro in Ellicott City and later with one of her one of her favorite meals enjoyed under the stars at home. In between we launched our summer reading project while sitting in the white rocking chairs on the screened in porch.

Saturday night Mama Wordbones and I narrowed our outside dining choices down to Eggspectation and Rams Head Tavern in Savage Mill. We concluded that the food quality was about the same at both places but Rams Head won out on ambiance. The outside deck at the old mill overlooking the river won out over the best storm water management view in Columbia.  
After breakfast this morning Peanut and I set off to try and find nectarines, one of her favorite fruits. I realize that it is too early for loco nectarines but with all of these farmers markets going on around here, I figured somebody would have nectarines. We started with the Second Sunday Market in Ellicott City but it was fruitless. We then headed over to Catonsville where the market held more offerings but nary a nectarine. On a whim we decided to check out the Green Valley Market in Elkridge and was there that we found our nectarines. This grocery store has the warm feel of a real community market as opposed to the bigger chain grocers.

After we returned home, unprompted, Peanut suggested that we spend a little time reading together. I asked her what she thought of Game of Thrones so far.

“Awesome,” was her response.

Sigh. So far so good.

I don’t know exactly where the weekend went but the journey along the way was awesome.
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