Friday, June 08, 2012

Summer Reading Project

I just downloaded Game of Thrones Book One on to my Nook. After trying out the free sample last night I still wasn’t certain it would make the cut. Today however, as I drove to pick Peanut up from her last day of middle school, it occurred to me that this just might be my best stealth summer study opportunity. Peanut and I will read the book together, I decided, preferably at the same time.

Left to her own devices, she would be just as happy lounging around and playing on her computer all summer long. That of course is not an option when she enters the dreaded sphere of my parental control. We do stuff, all kinds of stuff.  She often tells me I'm "annoying."

A few weeks ago, while having dinner, I asked her if she’d ever heard of “Game of Thrones.”

“I’ve heard the kids at school talk about it,” she said, “but I haven’t seen it.”

We discussed the fact that it probably isn’t appropriate for her age but accepted the fact that she’s already been exposed to as much already. Twilight and New Moon are not our parent’s vampire stories, if you catch my drift.

“It has dragons in it,” I told her. I knew she would rise to this bait. She loves dragons. Wait until she gets a load of the Calisi.

Anyway, we watched the first episode of the first season on my iPad that night and that set the hook in. This afternoon I decided to exploit the initiative. I purchased a paperback version of the book for her and we sat outside in the screened in room with cool drinks and jumped right in. We won’t watch any more episodes’ together until we’ve caught up to that point in the book.

We’ll see how this goes.
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