Sunday, May 27, 2012

Show the Flag, Honor the Fallen: Three

Bert and Zan live in an old stone house on Columbia Pike in Ellicott City. As he describes it “when our house was built the flag only had 37 stars.”

I can’t tell whether the colors they’re flying have 37 or 50 but the three red ones on the front of the house add a nice touch.
My sister Kelly sent me these pictures from her favorite watering hole in Baltimore. It seems an anonymous patriot decided the flanking mermaids should carry flags.
Main Street in Ellicott City was a mixed a bag this afternoon. While the area around the Little French Market was notably flag deficient, the Howard House apartments had a very impressive display, the best on Main Street in my opinion.
My favorite however was this simple display in front of Wagon Wheel Antiques on Tiber Alley.
I’ve received another picture from a To2C reader early this evening so there will likely be at least a fourth post to this series.

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