Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Three Things about Food

Famous Daves is open again. TW and I stopped in for lunch today to check it out. The makeover that closed the restaurant down for three weeks didn’t seem to change all that much inside. There’s some new lighting and paint plus new flooring but the layout hasn't changed. More important, the Texas beef brisket sandwich with the Georgia Mustard is just as good now as it was before.

Speaking of brisket, Mama Wordbones and I went to Kloby’s Smokehouse in Maple Lawn last Saturday night. We were both in the mood for ribs and we hadn't tried theirs yet. Ever since I saw this picture on HoCo360 I’ve wondered what they were like. I’m still wondering. At 7:30 PM on a Saturday night, Kloby’s was out of ribs.


The place wasn’t even that crowded. How could a barbecue joint run out of ribs that early on a Saturday night?

I ended up having the brisket instead and it was delicious but to say we were overall disappointed with our first Kloby’s experience would be an understatement.

We received our first mailer from Wegmans. The mega grocer is encouraging HoCo residents to sign up for their Wegmans Shoppers Club card by running a contest for $500 in free groceries for anyone who signs up before June 7th.

There was no mention however, as to whether the winner could also use that credit in the proposed liquor store.
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