Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Plastic Bag Eliminated

This spring we eliminated another plastic bag from our household, the yard waste bag. In prior years we regularly put our grass clippings and other assorted yard waste into heavy duty plastic bags before setting them out to the curb from the weekly yard waste pick up.

We've now seen the error of our ways.

It began when I noticed that the HoCo Department of Public Works was offering free paper yard trim bags (limit 2 per family). My first reaction was that we’d definitely need more than two bags to make it through the season. Then I saw this note:

Howard County encourages residents to use paper bags or reusable containers for yard trim.”

It was my “ah ha” moment. Why didn’t I think of using a reusable container before!

When we moved into our new home a little over six years ago we purchased two identical garbage cans. Our thought was that one would be for recycling and the other for regular trash. This was before HoCo gave everyone a blue bin for recyclables. Once we got the blue bin the second trash can sat unused.

No longer. It is now our official yard waste container.
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