Friday, May 18, 2012

The Mets First Tenant

No sooner did we bring up the topic of the new Metropolitan apartment development than our guest chimes in to tell us that he intends to be the first tenant. Rich Madzel said, that as soon as the new units become available, he and his wife Malynda, intend to sell their condo in Watermark and move the new building. He was serious.

He’ll sell his lakefront condo and rent a mall front apartment less than a half mile away. I don’t get that. I didn’t get a lot of my time with Rich this afternoon. It got a little contentious at times which surprised the hell out of me. I’ve known Rich semi socially for over ten years and we’ve always been cordial. Don’t let the picture fool you. Today we weren't always so cordial.

I think we got off on the wrong foot. Rich had actually asked Paul if he could come on as a guest. Rich has successfully built and sold a Columbia business “in fourteen days”  and has written a book to help other small business owners navigate the sale of their business. Malynda once served as the president of the Howard County Chamber of Commerce. On the face of it, he certainly qualified as an interesting guest. We agreed to have him on. As we were setting up in The Mall this afternoon I asked Rich if he had listened to any of the shows. This is a question we ask every guest before a show and nine times out of ten they tell us they have, mostly because they wanted to know what to expect. Rich told us he had never listened to the show. Right or wrong, I found that to be a little rude considering that he had asked to come on.

Consequently our banter got a bit spirited at times, particularly when it came to the proposed Wegmans liquor store. He jumped on that during our news recap and we continued the discussion during our two on one time

You can listen to the latest episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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