Monday, May 28, 2012

Show the Flag, Honor the Fallen: Four

Out on Triadelphia Road in west HoCo, To2C reader Andy Liberman has a real flag pole in front of his house. This enabled him to honor the tradition of keeping the flag at half mast until noon today. Andy shares that his dad was a Korean War vet who passed away last November.
My own dad, who passed away in 1966, was a World War II vet. This picture was taken of him in England just prior to the Normandy invasion.
And although my own street was flag deficient this holiday weekend, one street over from me, on Academy Road in Ellicott City, there is a profusion of the red white and blue.

There is still time to get your pictures to me. If I receive at least one more I’ll do a final Memorial Day flag post later today.
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