Friday, May 04, 2012

Local Angle

This morning, as I was driving through Ellicott City, I stopped to take a picture of the church where yesterdays shooting occurred. I wasn't the only one either. There were camera vans and reporters from WJLA and WUSA on the scene as well.
John Gonzalez, the Channel 7 reporter, approached me and asked if I was affiliated with the church. At that point I became acutely aware of the fact that I was wearing black jeans and a black polo shirt. I must have looked like a preacher. I quickly dispelled that notion. “I’m just a local blogger,” I told him.
 At this point John mentioned to me that he actually lives in Columbia. He commented that it was nice to able to pull an assignment this close to home. I suspect that it a relatively rare occurrence for a DC reporter.
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