Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reentry Day

For most of us anyway, work returned today. After being relegated to the background of our consciousness for the past three days work roared back with purpose in my world this morning. My day went from stimulating to frustrating then bounced from exhilarating to exasperating.

Others had it worse of course like the people who work in the Three Centre Park building near Route 100 in Columbia. When they arrived at work this morning the temperature in some offices was 90 degrees. Apparently a repair job on the buildings HVAC system went awry and the building ended up without air conditioning.

“The building management came by and told us there were cold drinks in the lobby courtesy of the landlord,” one employee in the building told me. “We were a little disappointed to discover that it was only water and soda and no beer!”

At least they got out early. He told me his company let them go at four o’clock when he and his colleagues found cool refuge and beverages next door at La Fiesta.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon before I even had to time to grab lunch, much less a cold soda in a hot lobby. I decided to stop by Qdoba on Dobbin Road to grab a quick bite. Qdoba is pretty close to my office and I often drop in there for a late lunch because it is rarely busy after 2:00 PM. Today it was packed. That’s because it was Tuesday.

Until today I did not know that every Tuesday Qdoba offers half price burritos from 2:00 PM until 9:00 PM for students with an ID. This little promotion turned a normally sleepy Tuesday afternoon into a happening time at the Qdoba on Dobbin.

I never really got my head around the fact that it was Tuesday because it felt like Monday. My confusion actually began first thing this morning as I left my house. About midway to the gym, it occurred to me that I had forgotten to put the trash out before I left. Our trash day is Tuesday. Then I remembered that, because of Memorial Day, this was a slide day. Trash day moved!

According to the HoCo DPW, this week Tuesday is Wednesday!
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