Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Three Things for Tuesday

The neighborhood I live in now is one of those neighborhoods that gets absolutely jammed on Halloween. For about two hours last night, the streets were overrun with laughter and squeals. It was wonderful.

Admittedly I haven’t always felt this way. I can even recall years where I tried to ignore the holiday by riding out the evening in a loco watering hole, preferably one that wasn’t festooned with ghoulish foolishness.

I think becoming a parent changed that for me. The excitement of my kid for this night of home hopping and candy harvesting is infectious. 

It’s always interesting when a loco blog reader decides to become a blog writer as well. It seems that by reading the blogs they are able to find their own voice. I think that is the case with Julia McCready. Julia has been a regular and frequent commenter of HoCo loco blogs and now she has started her own, Village Green/ Town Squared. As someone who serves on her village board, she brings a studied and well written perspective to Columbia community issues. Welcome.

My sister is also a regular reader and commenter of Tales of Two Cities. Though she now lives in Baltimore, she grew up in Columbia and graduated from Glenelg back before Columbia even had a high school. In the late sixties and early seventies and they shipped all the Columbia kids out west because that was the only HoCo high that had excess capacity.


Kelly has recently completed a children's story about dogs. Her friend David Isreal even wrote a song to go with it. 

Nice job sis!
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