Friday, November 11, 2011

Master Number

Today is one those dates on the calendar that numbers people love, 11/11/11. Today, there will be more weddings, more movie releases and even more lottery ticket sales than your normal second Friday in November. As Jessica Dickler November points out in this story on CNN Money “that set of numbers won't roll around again for another 100 years.”

In this story by Monica Hesse in The Washington Post, numerologist Sonia Ducie Dip explains the significance of the number eleven.

 “Eleven is a master number,” she patiently explains, meaning that it’s the same digit, doubled. When a digit is doubled or tripled, its qualities become more intense. “The issue with 11 is that it’s meant to wake us up, spiritually. It’s a number for inspiration and passion.” Many celebrities have 11 in their numerical charts, she says. Also, because the two ones in 11 add up to two — a number of sharing and collaboration — the 11th could be a good day to get married.”

Then again, for most people its just another day. As Hesse points out “11/11/2011 might come around only once, but you know what other date that’s true of? 11/12.”
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