Sunday, November 13, 2011


The voting for the third annual Mobbie competition for loco bloggers wrapped up last week. Out of eleven blogs nominated for Best HoCo blog, Tales of Two Cities finished ninth.

It’s a pretty far fall from that heady first year of the competition when I took home the Mobbie for Best Political Blog, a category that was retired after Hedgehog won it last year. 

Of course there were other losers too.  HowChow, arguably one of the highest trafficked blogs in HoCo finished seventh. That just doesn’t make sense to me. I could understand second or third but not seventh.

Then again what do I know?

The one thing that the Mobbie competition did demonstrate to me is that HoCo has one the most vibrant blogging communities in the Baltimore Metro Area. Only Baltimore City had more nominees than HoCo.


UPDATE 11/14/11: In case you are one of those readers who don't bother to read the comments, please note that I got this WRONG! The listings I mistook for the final tally were in fact simply alphabetical as fellow HoCo blogger Sarah Says helpfully suggested. Sometimes the only exercise I get is jumping to conclusions...
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