Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Last Midnight Madness?

Ellicott City’s annual Midnight Madness celebration will be held once again this Friday night. The activities will kick off with a tree lighting at six in front of the old post office and most stores will stay open until midnight. Judging from past Midnight Madness celebrations it will be a fun evening in the old town. It also may be the last.

I spoke with Dave Carney, the proprietor of The Wine Bin and the current president of the Ellicott City Business Association. Dave expressed his frustration at the merchants and businesses that benefit from ECBA activities but don’t belong to the organization and pay dues. Out of approximately 100 businesses in the old town only about 35 are members. It can get pretty aggravating.

Dave isn’t giving up, yet. He told me that he’s agreed to stay on as president another year and try to increase participation but if he’s not successful, there may not be enough members and money to pull off events like Midnight Madness again.

That would be a shame. 
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