Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Seat at the Table

The Maryland Department of Transportation held a “Media Roundtable” today to give members of the press a preview of the information that will be presented in a series of public intermodal workshops scheduled for this week in Beltsville, Jessup and Elkridge.

They also invited a couple bloggers to the somewhat rectangle roundtable, specifically, Brian Dunn and yours truly.

No doubt we were included because our blogs have weighed in on the issue but I was still a bit surprised at the invite. From my perspective this speaks volumes to the perceived influence of loco blogs.

I think it’s a good thing. The more writers covering a topic like the proposed intermodal facility the more chances for the public to be informed.

Afterwards, in the parking lot, I had a brief conversation with Elizabeth Janney, the editor of Elkridge Patch.  
“We’re you here for HoCoMoJo?” she asked.

Actually I was there for the readers of Tales of Two Cities. I told her that my report on the information presented would likely be different than hers since mine would include the obligatory blogger personal opinion. In fact, I’ll likely wait to see what the working press has to say before I write a post about it. That way I can link to their words as well.

After all, that’s the luxury of blogging.
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