Monday, November 14, 2011

Goosebumps for Math

Thirty some years ago, UMBC was often derided as a second rate college. Some wags said the initials stood for U Must Be Crazy and that the Catonsville campus was the school you ended up going to if you couldn't get into anywhere else.

That all started to change in 1992 when Freeman Hrabowski became president. Today, UMBC is a honors university that ranks right up there with Loyola University in terms of admission requirements. The academic elevation of UMBC is largely credited to President Hrabowski, a guy who says he gets “goosebumps from math.”

Last night he was featured on 60 Minutes.

It was big night on 60 minutes for the Baltimore area. Frederick Bealefeld, the Baltimore City Police Commissioner, was prominently featured in this report about the use of tasers.

Talk about goosebumps!
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