Thursday, August 18, 2011

Downyoshun @ MACo

If you want to meet with a HoCo loco elected official over the next few days you’ll probably need to head to Ocean City. The Maryland Association of Counties, also known as MACo is holding its annual summer conference at the beachfront town through Saturday.

Ken Ulman is there but he doesn't really have a choice since our county exec is the current president of MACo. Of course this also provides a great opportunity to raise his profile for the 2014 gubernatorial race. To that end he's holding a fundraiser at Hoopers Crab House this evening at $250 a head.

Earlier this week HoCo council chair Calvin Ball told me he was heading to the shore today. I didn’t ask him if he was planning to have crabs with Ken but I assume that he and the other HoCo Dems will be joining him.

MACo has come a long way since its roots as an informal gathering of county commissioners in the fifties. It now has a full time staff of eight people and its own 2,000 square foot building in Annapolis.
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