Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Last Book

This was the book that finally pushed me over the edge. This 700 page plus tome was like lugging around a sack of bricks. It was really  a pain to hold up while reading in bed. That didn’t work for me and consequently it took me longer to finish than most books.

From this point forward, I’m joining the ebook revolution. During my recent vacation I took note of my fellow readers around the pool. I envied the ebookers as they held their  iPad,  Kindle  or  Nook in one hand and their poolside cocktail in the other. 

That being said, Hero is still a pretty decent read, no matter what format its in. The story of T.E. Lawrence and his role in shaping the modern history of the Middle East is well known. What I didn’t know much about was what happened after his “Lawrence of Arabia” years. Despite his heroic exploits and keen political insight to one of the most troubled areas of the world, he spent the remainder of his life in a self imposed exile. He died in a motorcycle accident at the age of 46.
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