Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pre Irene

I spent a good part of my day in the car. It started early when I picked up my truck from Eakles at 7:30. Driving back through Ellicott City I noticed the new Subway was open and so was the curbside parking right in front. I stopped in and grabbed a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. I needed the fuel

Before the day was over I’d drive back and forth to Ellicott City twice, Columbia twice, then Highland, Fulton and Scaggsville before getting home at eight. 

With all that time in the car I got an earful of Irene info. I found out that Rick Meehan, the mayor of Ocean City,  had ordered a mandatory evacuation of the seaside resort, and that I should plan for being without power for up to seven days.

I was feeling pretty smug about that case of water I bought on sale Monday.

I also wondered if this could turn out to be one of those non events. You know, like when they predict a big snow storm on a school night. You believe them, blow off your homework and then wake up in the morning and find it was nothing but a dusting. You feel like you should be able to sue someone.

If this storm wimps out, some of those who had long planned to be at the shore this weekend will likely feel the same way, not to mention the owners of the restaurants and hotels.

Still, it’s better to be prepared I suppose. Tomorrow I’ll restock the wine rack and while I'm out I’ll grab a seven days supply of energy bars.
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