Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Confederate Cavalry in Cooksville

This morning I met up with a colleague in Cooksville. TW lives in Olney so Cooksville made a convenient place to link up before we headed off together towards Frederick. I arrived before he did and as I pulled into the small park and ride lot I spotted this Maryland historical marker.

The marker commemorates a Civil War skirmish between J.E.B. Stuarts cavalry and an Eastern Shore militia led by Captain R.E. Duvall. As I have mentioned before, I’m a bit of a Civil War wonk so this was an unexpected treat. The skirmish didn’t go well for the Union troops that day as they retreated to Poplar Springs under cover of darkness. 

Captain Duvall may have gotten the last laugh though. Two days later Robert E. Lee would be surprised by the arrival of Union troops in Gettysburg because Stuarts cavalry had failed to inform him of their movement. The night before the epic battle commenced Stuart was resting from his Cooksville encounter in Union Mills in Carroll County. Captain Duvall would also arrive in Gettysburg in time to face General Stuart again on July 3rd.

The state marker is complimented by two additional panels that describe in greater detail Cooksvilles’ moment in Civil War history. This site is also part of the Gettysburg Invasion and Retreat Trail.
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