Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Things about Food

I dropped down to Main Street in Ellicott City last night to grab a sandwich. I had heard that the most talked about Subway store in HoCo was scheduled to open yesterday so I decided to check it out.
Not so fast. They aren’t open yet. Originally the store had planned to open last Friday. Then, on Friday I heard that the opening had been delayed until Monday. Now it looks like it will be another week.

Undeterred I walked down to Bean Hollow and grabbed a chicken salad sandwich. I asked if they had any sides and was told it came with a pickle. I think Bean Hollow is going have to raise their game a bit if they want to compete with the new guy in town.

That's one.

 It didn’t occur to me until I was heading back to my car that I should have ordered one of the man food offerings at The Man Cave.  I’m anxious to try the Vietnamese Stir Fried Crab Rice or the Duck Spaghetti.

That’s two.

Yesterday morning, as I was sitting at the traffic light at Snowden River Parkway and McGaw Road I snapped this picture of the Wegmans store under construction.

It’s coming along very nicely. By this time next summer the place will be hopping.

That's three.
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