Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Campaign for the Best

This morning at the Colosseum Gym, Tim Gallagher told me about another HoCo loco business owner who is waging an aggressive campaign in the Howard Magazine “Best of Howard” competition.

“She even collected the magazines from people’s doorsteps in order to get more ballots,” he told me. This particular merchant has subsequently enlisted fellow businesspeople in her campaign. If they agree to vote for her business, she’ll vote for theirs.

This strategy sounds similar to the recent Iowa straw poll. I’ll buy your ticket and feed you barbecue if you agree to vote for me.

I guess some business owners see this accolade as a real marketing boost. The problem is that waging an aggressive campaign to win this type of recognition seems to negate its value. If you truly are the best at what you do you shouldn’t have to shove a ballot in front of someone and ask them to vote for you.

By the way, this year the voting also includes a category for best loco blog. If anyone needs a ballot I just may be able to find one for you…under certain conditions of course.
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