Sunday, August 21, 2011

Number 569

Now that I’ve made the decision to join the eBook revolution I need to determine which eReader best suits me. To that end I decided to take advantage of the HoCo Libraries nook program in order to give that format a test run.

“You realize our nooks are the first version,” the helpful librarian informed me. “The newer versions have color."

“No matter,” I told her. “Go ahead and sign me up. I presume there is a waiting list.”

“Indeed there is,” she replied and then added, almost apologetically, “You are number 569.”

Wow! I figured the program was popular but I didn’t realize it was THAT popular. Still, I’m in no big hurry. In the meantime, since I’ve vowed to no longer buy printed books, I’m rediscovering borrowing books.  I had forgotten how much fun that can be, just browsing the racks, looking for something interesting.

I just finished “Stealing the General” by Russell Bonds and am now knee deep in “1861: The Civil War Awakening” by Adam Goodheart”

I'm a little stuck in the Civil War genre right now. I suppose its that sesquicentennial thing.
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