Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Man Cave

For some guys, a trip to Ellicott City with a wife or girlfriend is approached with the same enthusiasm as a trip to the doctor. Aside from the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company there are few places for a guy to hang while their significant other browses and shops.

The Man Cave seeks to remedy that situation.

“We wanted to create a place where a guy can hang out,” Keith told me. Keith is the manager of the Man Cave, a relatively new shop that took over the space formerly occupied by the Clef Notes Café. The Man Cave features a wide assortment of comic books, games, movies and magic stuff.
They also serve man food prepared by the chefs at Tersiguels but you won’t find these items on the Tersiguels menu. At the Man Cave you can get things like “Not Yo Momma’s Butt” Pork Sandwich and Drunken Fries.

Though you can eat in the cave, Keith told that they do a pretty good carryout business.

The Man Cave also carries an assortment of hot sauces.

 The store is owned by Eric Smith who also runs Hackers Ink which is right next to the store. Hackers Ink is a computer services firm that handles IT for several HoCo businesses, including Tersiguels.
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