Monday, August 08, 2011


While HoCo awaits the commencement of the redevelopment of Columbia Town Center, the action right now is just over the border in AA Co. In the planned community of Arundel Preserve, adjacent to the Arundel Mills Mall, another Town Center project that features 242 apartments and a 150 room full service hotel is nearing completion. Included in the project is a new restaurant called Grillfire. Grillfire is part of the George Martin Restaurant Group and is the first restaurant they’ve opened outside of New York. It opened at the end of last month.

Grillfire bills itself as a “contemporary upscale American Grill.” I’d put in the same category as The Stanford Grill in Columbia. Just before leaving for vacation we dropped in for dinner. I’ll take a pass on critiquing the food except to say that it shows promise. 

One of Mama Wordbones pet peeves with "upscale" restaurants are unlit candles on the table. Though the place was far from busy, neither our server nor the several manager types who passed by our table took notice of this small detail. This may seem like nitpicking but when you bill yourself as upscale, details matter.

We both agreed that to call it a work in progress and give it another chance another day.
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