Monday, August 15, 2011

A Couple of Notes from the Dyer Interview

Allen Dyer sees the effort to remove him from the school board largely as a partisan attack from the HoCo Dems. Though the school board is non partisan, Allen believes that Ellen Flynn Giles, Janet Siddiqui, Frank Aquino, and Sandra French are all Dems. He truly believes that they want to get rid of him so they can get another Dem on the board.

I don’t know about Siddiqui, French and Aquino but I do know that, until very recently, Giles was a registered Repub. In fact she was a Repub each of the three times she has run for the board. She is now an Independent, just like Allen.

Before we started taping, Allen joked about how when Baltimoreans ask people where they went to school, they mean high school not college. As it happens, all of us on the podcast are products of the HoCo public school system. My co-host Paul Skalny went to Mount Hebron, our producer Dave Bittner went to Centennial and I went to Wilde Lake.

And then there's that...!
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