Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earth Moving Stories

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Though some have expressed fatigue over the preponderance of published reports about yesterdays seismic sashay, others seem to relish in reliving that thirty seconds.

“Where were you?”

“Were you scared?”

And so on.

I get that. Like a major snowstorm, yesterdays roll with Momma Nature was one of those shared events. It was one of those rare times that tied us all together. You could easily have a conversation with a complete stranger because you just experienced the same thing. Earthquake stories cut across racial, religious, ethnic and political boundaries.

So what was your story?

This Friday, when we tape our next podcast in The Mall, we would like to share some of those stories. If you have ever listened to “and then there’s that…” you know that we spend the first ten to fifteen minutes discussing the HoCo loco news of the past two weeks. Yestersdays East Coast Earthquake (or Mineral Earthquake) certainly qualifies as a story.

Over the next two days, we are collecting the best loco stories from yesterday for Fridays podcast. If you have a story to share you can post a comment here or email me at
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