Thursday, April 01, 2010

Park Funds in Jeopardy

The House of Delegates move to eliminate legislative scholarships in an effort to help trim the state budget deficit may have doomed the effort by Delegate Liz Bobo to get state funds to help the Columbia Association renovate Symphony Woods. The state senate, perhaps smarting a bit from this attack on of their favored legislative perks, has responded to this scholarship elimination initiative by proposing a freeze on all state bond issues until 2013.

That would effectively doom the $250,000 bond proposal for Symphony Woods.

It will be interesting to see how this affects CA's plan for Symphony Woods. The board felt pretty confident when they thumbed their noses at GGP’s plans for the park and went ahead and created their own plan after decades of negligence, perhaps because they felt that Liz and her buddy Senator Ed would come through for them.

It now looks like that’s just not happening.


Anonymous said...

And wrong again, Denny!