Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On the Road

This being spring break week for Howard County schools I decided to take Peanut down to see my sister Pat in Florida. We arrived yesterday and, after taking a late afternoon bike ride along the beach, I decided to update the ol’ blog before the big game. Pat and Henry have a wireless router set up in their new home so I settled down with a nice glass of wine and my laptop and proceeded to attempt to get online.

Attempt fail.

For reasons unknown, my laptop was unable to connect to her router. I should note that neither Pat nor I are particularly technologically savvy but this shouldn’t be a big deal. I mean I easily connected with the Boingo network at the airport and right now I’m sitting in a Starbucks down the road from her house where I got online without a hitch.

While some folks were watching basketball others were watching the council pass the legislation enabling the Carroll family to proceed with their development plans for Doughoregan Manor. According to this story by Sara Breitenbach in the Columbia Flier, the council “unanimously passed legislation Monday evening to bring a portion of historic Doughoregan Manor into the county’s public water and sewer area.”

Not surprisingly, the council punted on the issue of pre treating the wastewaster from the new homes. Courtney Watson believes that this is a problem that needs to be addressed “county-wide.”

“Watson said she would not support an on-site treatment plant at Doughoregan and believes wastewater issues need to be addressed county-wide.

“We, as a county, need to develop a more systemic solution and I think we would be better served that way,” she said.”

I wonder if Bob Flanagan had taken a position on this yet or whether he is still “open to receiving information.”


Smirkman said...

Personally I am amazed by how much support this idea appears to have as well as how easily it is moving along. Perhaps timing is at play here as HoCo is worn thin from the Town Center and WLVC development plans? Put me in the strongly against category.

Anonymous said...

Why is it such a surprise? Aren't local governments responsible for many services which affect the entire county? Would you like for the development next to yours have a sewage processing plant which smelled like human excrement? I would think that Courtney is correct and it is a countywide issue and should be addressed for the community at large and not individual developments.

Anonymous said...

Not a huge shock when you consider the entire Doughoregan Development Team (DDT) from their advisor to their attorney to their engineer all the way down to their website developer and public relations firm show up as healthy contributors to Courtney's campaign. That's the way business is done in HoCo. And remember - they were only voting so they could "keep the process moving." Is that the action of a rational person when faced with a process they don't understand and has enough unanswered questions that the local newspapers come out against it? I also like the fact they gave the DDT 215 days to come up with a Developer's Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA). I'm shocked, SHOCKED, to see them putting that debacle off until after the November elections. Time for Courtney Watson to join her predecessor in the Irrelevant Former Howard County Politicians Club.