Sunday, April 25, 2010

Postcard from Chestertown

Late Saturday morning we headed off for the eastern shore to visit with CG and catch her spring dance concert at Washington College in Chestertown. The weather gods blessed us with a partly sunny day which made for a bucolic drive through the countryside up the Delmarva Peninsula to Chestertown.

I like this trip. Chestertown is a historic colonial town situated along the banks of the Chester River. It’s about a two hour drive from HoCo. It’s also a prototypical college town thanks to the presence of Washington College. Think Faber College.

It’s a fun place to visit. The downtown is sort of like Ellicott City without the hills. It’s also a trip to walk across the campus on a spring Saturday afternoon as the students gear up for Saturday night.

This morning as we were checking out of the hotel I chatted up a local named Bill Hines.

“You should be here for the Tea Party,” he told me.

I’m thinking he’s referring to some kind of Kent County version of the recently popular political rallies. He wasn’t.
Chestertown has been holding a tea party in May since 1774 but their beef is with the government in London not Washington. The festivities even include something called Toss the Tory.

“You can’t get a hotel room within 50 miles of town that weekend,” Bill tells me.

Who knew?