Friday, April 23, 2010

Scene This Week In…

The sixth graders at Ellicott Mills Middle School held an Earth Day Celebration for the second graders at Veterans Elementary School today. They couldn’t have picked a nicer day.

Along with the educational exhibits and games like basketball, bowling and croquet using recycled materials, there was a table set up by LL Bean. Dennis Large was also there explaining to the kids how to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving a messy footprint behind.

Dennis is actually an attorney who normally works at the Pentagon but today he was working his part time job as an outdoor program director of sorts for the store. He lives in Columbia and based on his enthusiasm for the great outdoors I got the idea that he’d probably do this job even if they didn’t pay him.
When I was leaving the office yesterday I couldn't help but notice this blanket of cherry blossoms from the grove of cherry trees in our office complex on Dobbin Road. It’s always a little sad when the cherry trees wind up their spring show but at least they provide a nice finale.

It wasn’t that long ago that this scene was white instead of pink.


Anonymous said...

Yep, people do these things out of love or a sense of obligation or both. More power to the.

And I did recently go back and look at all the snow photos...amazing, yes? The universe has such a tendancy to astound us....enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you know that Beans is a busimess, and maximizing shareholder value is their main's not all sweetness and light. Right?

Jen said...

ALSO...completely unrelated to Earth Day, but I took a walk through Columbia Mall Friday evening and everyone should check out the local high school artists' work on display throughout the Mall, soon.

Art education is important! Supporting the creativity of Columbia's youth is free and just might inspire them to keep creating. Today's 15 year old sketch artist may be 2025's urban planner/redevelopment specialist ;-)