Sunday, April 11, 2010

Postcard from Pittsburgh

I just got back from spending 42 hours in Pittsburgh attending the wedding of Bert and Sandy. I’ve known Bert since our college days in Cleveland in the late seventies. He was the last bachelor in our crowd and fellow alum from all over the country descended on the city to witness the event. It was the first time Mama Wordbones and I had actually visited the City of Bridges and we came away suitably impressed.

The city was safe, clean and very walkable. We walked to restaurants. We walked to the ballpark and last night, we walked about a mile along the Allegheny River back to the hotel from the reception at Heinz Field.

And even though I’ve been known to make fun of their football fans with their silly yellow towels, the local people we encountered were welcoming and friendly.

The only thing that is likely to keep us from returning anytime soon is the Pennsylvania Turnpike.


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is a great city, it has it's issues (as all do) but the Old County European nature of some of it's neighborhoods are truly unique.

The PA turnpike barely qualifies for a modern highway.