Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridging the Gap

Friday night Mama Wordbones and I hit Town Center for date night, literally. I purchased a couple of tickets for the 7:50 show then we walked over to Clyde’s to grab a bite to eat.

As we passed by the plaza in front of L.L. Bean, I noticed this new alteration to the undressed stone fountain. The channel that runs from the rock waterfall in front of the store down to the circular basin in the plaza has been bridged. While this was usually done only in the winter when the fountain was drained, this new addition appears to be a bit more permanent.

It’s a shame, though I’m not all that surprised. Jumping over this water channel was an activity enjoyed by many a visitor to the plaza in the warmer months. It wasn’t as easy as looks either and so I imagine more than a few attempts resulted in soaked shoes and twisted ankles…or worse.

It’s a risk manager’s nightmare.

And oh yeah, the movie was a pretty good laugh and the Tuna Summer Rolls at Clyde’s are now my new favorite appetizer.

While ours may not have been as adventurous as the movie, it still was a pretty good date night all things considered.


Anonymous said...

Put up a sign that says jump at your own risk. I wouldn't let my kids jump until they were both big enough to possibly make it and old enough to understand the consequences of falling short. Now they love jumping over and, if they did miss and break something, I'd never blame the Mall. I guess that's not reality in today's world though.