Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The End is Coming Sooner Than He Thinks

Columbia’s most popular panhandling intersection has a new resident lately. You sort of have to admire his laid back approach though the message on his hand lettered sign is somewhat bellicose.
Forget 2012, this guy should be more concerned with October 1st.


Anonymous said...

This photo evokes a hundred questions. What's in his bin? Looks like earth, not money. Is that beard real? Where is he from? Where did he get than nice chair? Where are the pens/paint that made his sign? How is the sign attached?

One observation: In my rebellion against The Howard County Elite Grocery Shoppers who park their mercedes at the door and sashay in veritable mink coats with weekly hairdo (and weekly washing), blocking the young and old carrying packages to properly placed cars, when I make a trip to the grocery I often dress like this guy.

Freemarket said...

Is there anything I should bring with me to the lake of hellfire and brimstone?

Anonymous said...

FM: Marshmallows

Anonymous said...

F.M.: Maybe some sunscreen and a good book?