Monday, September 28, 2009

Creating Jobs

My partners and I are bucking conventional wisdom. As I have posted previously, we have begun construction on a 160,000 square foot speculative office building in the Emerson Corporate Commons near North Laurel.

Last Friday I visited the construction site and it suddenly struck me that our optimism about the future has created real jobs today. These aren’t jobs created by the federal government stimulus effort. These are jobs created by the private capital and a willingness to risk that capital.

This is exactly the type of thinking needed to avoid a jobless recovery.


Anonymous said...

Good for you WB
It's a pleasure to hear of someone not getting a $529 million load from the government to produce expensive cars outside the US or $900 million loan from the feds to drill for oil off of Brazil.
I guess you don't qualify for political payoffs.

Bob O said...

Good on ya', and good luck--although I think we all make our our fortune.

Anonymous said...

Hi Friends,
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