Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I got a new laptop today. It was time. My old Toshiba Tecra was getting pretty hinky. Already I had performed surgery on it when the power button stopped working. I didn’t trust my repair enough to put the cover plate back on after I got it working.
Today our computer guy showed up with my new HP 6730b Notebook PC. I didn’t exactly pick this machine out, Mike did. Mike is our computer guy. He told me it was a good fit for me and I blindly followed his advice.

I was a little leery of the HP though. Years back I owned a Compaq and it was really a piece of junk. Ironically, I replaced that laptop with an HP desktop and I was pretty happy with machine. I wasn't sure what to expect out of the combined company.

Anyway, the best thing about buying it from Mike is that he takes care of everything like transferring my old stuff to the new machine and getting the thing to make nice with the office server. Even with his service mark up and a three year “drop kick” warranty it still ended up to be about $900 cheaper than my old Toshiba was four years ago

The worst thing about my new computer is that even with the capable assistance of Mike I still have the new computer blues. It’s kind of like moving into a new house and realizing, long after the movers have left, that you are missing some of your stuff.


Anonymous said...

I've heard good things about toshiba labtops, but my dell continually crashes hard drives when the battery runs low. Dell comes to your house to replace the hard drive, but your stuff is lost and all software must be reloaded. And they only provide the replacement service if you're under warranty and you spend the requisite 16 hours on the phone trouble-shooting. No joke, 16 hours.

Freemarket said...

I have a used Dell. It has been fine except that I had to replace the hard drive. A hard drive 20GB larger that the one it came with was only $100 installed. Oh, and I am on my third power cord.

My next computer, without a doubt, will be a Mac. iPhones are gateway drugs to other Apple products.

Chuck said...


Once you go Mac, you never go back..

A man of your stature should have a new Mac - you can always run PC stuff on it if you have to for some reason - just without the hassles. Missed opportunity.