Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Put Your Pay Cut Where Your Mouth Is

Delegate Shane Pendergrass thinks the “top officials” of the Howard County Public School System “ought to take a pay cut to help avoid facing the General Assembly's wrath when members convene in January to confront a looming fiscal 2011 shortfall…”

According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, the delegate from District 13 in Howard County thinks the school officials should “think about what message they want to send.”

And it isn’t like the school officials haven’t already made cuts in their compensation.

“Cousin said Wednesday that all senior school officials salaries were frozen this year, and administrators have stopped taking expense money for milage, a savings of thousands of dollars to the board's budget.”

Delegates make $43,500.00 for ninety days work. Shane claims that she has given back eight days pay like all other state employees. If she wants to set an example that’s a pretty insignificant amount considering it is a part time job. I believe delegates get some other pretty nice perks as well.

Hey Shane, how about leading by example and giving up something significant before asking others to make sacrifices?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't 8 days pay for 90 days work be about 9%?

wordbones said...

Anon 8:05 PM,

Excellent question. One question is whether the delegates annualized their salary. If so, it would only be about 2%. Another question is what other types of compensation they receive (travel and entertainment expenses, office allowances, etc.). I attempted to find this out online but that information is not readily available. It was difficult enough to find out what their base pay is.

I believe that, at a minimum, this information should be much more accessible. It's our money after all.

Whatever happened to concept of citizen legislators?


Anonymous said...

Has someone hijacked wb's moniker?