Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Lyndwood In, Owen Brown Out?

I came across this news item on CNBC about the closing of some Starbucks kiosks in Giant grocery stores, I wondered if any of the local stores would be affected. Unfortunately, neither the Starbucks website nor the Giant website was any help.
I thought perhaps the one located at the Lyndwood Square Shopping Center in Elkridge was on the chopping block because they had blocked the sign with plants.

Not so according to the barista guy working there yesterday. He did tell me that Owen Brown was on the chopping block but I haven’t verified that yet.

In some cases the vacated kiosks will be replaced with Dunkin Donut kiosks while others will get vending machines.


Dave W said...

Last time I was at Giant in Owen Brown, they had a white sheet covering the spot where Starbucks used to be in Giant.