Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What’s Up with You These Days?

It’s been a few months since I last asked that question so I thought it was about time to check in on you again. I like to share what I know about you so you can see what you look like from my end of the conversation. Sure I read the comments but the truth is that most blog readers don’t comment.

So who are you non commenting readers?

Again, I really don’t know that much about you. What I do know is what I get from two separate measurement services I employ. One of them is Site Meter. At the bottom of the screen there is Site Meter icon under the heading “Readership Stuff”. If you click on it anytime you can see nifty little charts like this one that show how many of you have visited Tales of Two Cities over the past twelve months.
That at least tells me that there are more of you now than there was a year ago.

I also use Google Analytics to see what you’re about. That measurement device tells me that, in the last thirty days, Tales of Two Cities had 3,485 “absolute unique visitors” out of a total of 7,590 visits. Over 1,500 of you have visited here more than 200 times. The top five cities you come from are Ellicott City (915), Columbia (692), Baltimore (533), Laurel (433) and Washington DC (420). The average time you spend here is 6:38 minutes.

Recently, another local blogger lamented about the lack of interest in local blogs. I disagreed with him. I think there is plenty of interest but not enough consistent bloggers. Out of the 17 more popular local blogs listed in the right side column only about 10 are posting with enough regularity to build any kind of audience. I get that. It isn’t easy keeping a blog active.

The bottom line is that I am grateful to all of you who visit here. Your growing number indicates to me that there is a ready audience for this kind of local stuff. As long you keep visiting I’m willing to keep dishing it up. The way I see it, we’re kind of in this together.


Columbia 2.0 said...


Congrats on the growth of your blog! We always enjoy your witty observations of local issues. And we love the way you're not afraid to call people out.

We did some calling out of our own last week as you know. C20 Founder David Yungmann participated in a conference call to discuss The Planning Board's inability to issue their recommendation to The County Council. Thank you for writing about it. We were glad to see that it generated a lot of comments, which Yungmann points out in a video we posted last night. Take a look at it here: http://tinyurl.com/ly42kb


Anonymous said...

Local blogs have not built a significant voter bloc following. As much as looking at things positively is an attribute, reality is that many of us log on from different locations, and so three absolutely unique visitors are actually one person.

Secondly this item bears repeating; Each time I bring up local blogs when face-to-face with someone, I'm staring into eye rolling and hand waving, with grimaces. No one wants to talk about blogs in person, though we have no problem talking about publishing houses or on-line news sources.

Thirdly, bloggers skew things to their agenda as bad or worse than the mainstream press, primarily the liberal mainstream press. It's not reliable news here, and quoting from blogs lowers the source's credibility. Very bad.

Lastly, people are too busy. How many can name their local reps is a good question. Latest price quotes are $25,000 to find out, and no less than 400 hits per category are going to be statistically representative. Some estimate 80% cannot name local representatives.

People can be interested in local stuff, but blogs won't be the source as long as credibility is a problem at current levels.

Janis Markopoulos said...

I read your blog and proud to admit it. I too love to analyze the keyword analysis and traffic on my blog. My traffic is growing like crazy.

Hope you read my blog. www.svg20763.blogspot.com.

Anonymous - I'm definately not liberal mainstream press. Do I have my own agenda? I guess you could say my agenda is keeping my neighbors informed and improving quality of life in my neighborhood. Is that so bad?

Christine said...

Hi! I'm in Columbia (both living and working) and I enjoy your blog!

Chuck said...

Someone told me this was THE place to be - so here I am.