Friday, February 27, 2009

Symphony Woods Big Moment

The one time of year that Symphony Woods is enjoyed by more than an occasional picnicker or squirrel is the annual Wine in the Woods festival. It is by far the biggest event in the park, that the CA Board suddenly cares so deeply about, and CA isn't even the main sponsor. Wine in the Woods is put on by the Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks. I believe HCDRP pays a hefty fee to CA for the use of the park for this immensely popular event.

Some have even speculated that when Blandair Park is developed the wine festival will move there and save forking over a fee to CA. Though it is more of a geographically central park for Columbia than Symphony Woods, Blandair is not CPRA land. It is a county park.

This week we received a post card in the mail with the dates for the 2009 Wine in the Woods. Mark your calendars for the weekend of May 16th and 17th from noon to 6 PM and pray for nice weather.



Anonymous said...

Good to see you corrected one of the goofs in this post since it was first put up, now properly noting CA is indeed a sponsor. I hope you give similar time to improving the accuracy of the rest of the post.

Also, your "Scene this Week in Columbia" photo at Lowe's is actually in Elkridge.

Anonymous said...

I hate Wine in the Woods. $20 to get in and meander with a bunch of drunks in the forest? No thanks.

Great photo, btw.

wordbones said...

Anon 2:35

While technically speaking the Lowes store may be in Elkridge, it sits on CPRA assessed land. That makes it just as Columbia as Dorsey's Search which is in Ellicott City or Kings Contrivance which is Simpsonville or River Hill which is in Clarksville.

We always strive for accurate posting here at TofTC. Last nights posting error was directly attributable to a glass of wine (or two. It was a long day.


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The park will become an important asset to the community and will be used year-round.