Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Signature Destination for Whom?

The spin team at CoFoCoDo has put together this little poster to rally support for their vision of Symphony Woods as “Columbia’s Signature Destination.”

That’s an odd moniker to place on a park that is largely deserted. How many times have you heard someone say, I’ll meet you in Symphony Woods?

Note how many people you see in this poster.

The picture of the green lawn beneath the trees is either a very old photo or someone had fun with Photo Shop. Besides, a green manicured lawn in a forest is hardly a healthy eco system.
This photo is more indicative of how Symphony Woods is doing these days. It was taken after one of our recent windy days.

I also take exception to the statement “We stand to lose our park unless we speak up.” At the very least that is an outright lie. The GGP vision for Symphony Woods is a park that is environmentally healthy, more accessible to the public, has more amenities and adds acres of forested land that will remain undisturbed. After you read about this vision for Symphony Woods you can draw your own conclusion as to whether CoFoCoDo is spreading false information.

A friend once told me that “desperate people do desperate things.” I think CoFoCoDo is getting desperate.

It's amateur hour all over again.


sjv said...

I totally agree. Too many folks in HOCO and Columbia want nothing to ever change. Look at the group trying to save the "historic" buildings along the lake. Most of them are the most ugly 70's looking boxes ever. Some amenities might make Symphony Woods a place people would actually like to visit.

Anonymous said...

The reason no one goes there is because it is too crowded. Seriously, the only time anyone goes there is for Wine in the Woods.

Anonymous said...

I have to confess. I have lived in Columbia since 1972 when there were 5000 residents. The only time I have been to Symphony Woods is going to Merriwether pavilion. I love the trees but there has been little reason to visit the Woods outside the acts at Merriwether. Perhaps the GGP plan will bring new life to the Woods and give the Town Center residents an opportunity to enjoy the cool canopy.