Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BRAC Facts #1

Thanks to the Fort George G. Meade Regional Growth Management Committee, of which Howard County is a member, I can share some good news about the jobs that are coming to Fort Meade and when they will actually arrive.

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) will employ 4,272 people at Fort Meade when it completes the construction of its new buildings on the base in February, 2011. The phasing in of those jobs will begin in October, 2010.

The Defense Media Activity (DMA) will employ 663 people at the base with a “beneficial occupancy” of April 2011.

Defense/Military Adjudication Activities will employ 759 people also with a beneficial occupancy of April 2011.

Two years from now there will be 5,694 new people working in Annapolis Junction. These are the actual jobs that are directly related to BRAC. In addition, 14,000 more new jobs are expected at Fort Meade over the next ten years resulting from the growth of the existing tenants on the base which include the National Security Agency.