Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ruewer Rattling Retirees in Taylor Village

Villa sales in the Village Crest neighborhood in Taylor Village have bottomed out. Pulte has pulled out of the Cloisters at Village Crest and Ryland is reeling from a lack of sales for their new villas that were supposed to replace them. These are the very same “55 or better” villas that were selling like hot cakes three years ago.

What’s a developer to do?

If you’re Don Reuwer you drop back and punt.

Reuwer has decided that it would be easier to sell 140 “garden style” condominiums than the 45 villas currently approved for the site on White Jasmine Court. He is considering requesting a change in the development program for the site from the Department of Planning and Zoning.

Many seniors in both the adjacent Village Crest villas and the adjacent Legacy at Village Crest garden style condos are not pleased. According to this story by Jennifer Choi in The Howard County Times,

“the overwhelming majority of residents were against the changes, voicing concerns about increased traffic, especially on the two main roads leading into the development, New Cut Road and College Avenue, both of which are narrow and winding.

They also are worried about lower housing values, exacerbated parking problems, a possible shortage of electrical power on a grid they say is already too weak, and the loss of scenic views because of the proposed four-story condominium complex.”

Weak electric grid?

Maybe that explains why the power goes out all the time at my house.