Sunday, March 01, 2009

Discovering Discovery Dinners

It all started when Mama Wordbones brought home a list of restaurants participating in Howard County’s Restaurant Week. As I scanned the list of familiar local haunts one place caught my eye.

Belmont Manor House.

I wasn’t aware that the Belmont Conference Center in Elkridge was now operating a regular restaurant. Belmont is a one of my favorite places in Howard County. If you’ve never been there, take a little video tour here and you might understand. Mama Wordbones and I first met each other at one of their summer jazz concerts. We decided to check it out and booked a reservation through Open Table this past Friday evening.

As it turns out, this is only the second weekend they’ve been open like this. They call it Dine & Discover Dinners. Dinner is preceded by “Cocktails and Conversation” in one of the parlors in the restored historic manor. Last week the topic was the history of Belmont. This week it was opera.
Due to a miscommunication from Open Table we missed the Cocktails and Conversation part, arriving just as it was ending. We did get a chance to spend a few leisurely moments at the small bar where we were treated with Belmont stories from Michael Popp. Michael, besides being an excellent bartender, is also the Facility Manager for the property.
I’ve long since written my last restaurant review post so I’ll leave the review of the food to HowChow and Live in Howard County. They do a better job anyway. I will say that we very much enjoyed our meal and would definitely return. The half price wine was a nice surprise on a Friday night too.

These Dine & Discover Dinners will continue through April 4th.