Sunday, February 22, 2009

He Writes Good

As has already been reported, a new blogger has entered the orbit of the local blogosphere. The academically titled “Columbia Blog Project” is the work of Jack Cole. Jack is a local boy, an Owen Brown villager.

He’s written some nice profile posts about a few local personalities including bloggers JessieX and John Boyle (Owen Brown News).

Check out Jack. He writes real good.


JessieX said...

Sniff. Sniff. I got the axe. Apparently Jack didn't like that I questioned how he handled the "Robert Tennenbaum Affair."

Not only did I get the axe from Jack on Facebook (now I'm down to 274 friends ... argh!), but I got deleted from his blogroll, my comments that I wrote on his blog were deleted AND -- get this -- he even deleted the blog post he originally wrote after interviewing me.

I find it interesting to watch an emerging journalism student cross into the world of blogging. Perhaps, Mr. Wordbones, as a long-time writer for traditional media and an established blogger, you might have a few words of wisdom for this young man. ;-)

Anonymous said...

As long as he stays away from cougars he should be fine.

Anonymous said...

Per Jessie's comment, that is precisely what I mean when saying that his blog is boorishly mono-political. Sorry I termed other blogs "support group" because now he’s one upping that description.

Truth my @ss.

Jack said...

Read the disclaimer carefully people:

Comments containing profanity, solicitations or spamming will be deleted. Comments unrelated to the content of the posts may be deleted at my discretion.

That means when people leave comments on posts about me and not about the posts, I delete them.

Its no wonder newspapers are dying. Even though they are written to an 8th grade reading level, I guess some people suffer in reading comprehension.

Anonymous said...

Jack @$$,

You make no sense. No wonder newspapers are dying if they employ people like you who can't communicate.

No idea what was deleted or what you're talking about.

Thin skinned doesn't even begin to describe this defensiveness, but maybe this post will help toughen you up to age 3.