Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bike Happy

I know it sounds weird but today actually feels like spring. 47 degrees isn’t what I would normally refer to as “balmy” weather but compared to yesterday it feels simply glorious.

That got me thinking about getting out my bicycle and going for a ride with my daughter. Two months ago I took her shopping for a new bike. She had finally outgrown her old one so we took a trip over to Race Pace Bicycles in Columbia. I have now purchased three bikes from this store (one from the Ellicott City store and two from the Columbia store). There is a reason I keep coming back. They’re good, very good.

I don’t doubt that I could have gotten a better price on a bicycle elsewhere but I seriously doubt I could get better service. They took care of Peanut like she was the most important customer in the world, which of course, she was.


Jack said...

I liked this post and it reminded me of a story I posted recently. Anyone who lives in the two cities has seen the bike guy. He has a huge following on facebook and is seen as a local head turner.

Spread the word to your readers. I posted a comprehensive article on him on my blog site for anyone who's interested to read.