Friday, February 27, 2009

Score One for Anonymous Commenter’s

In this story in The Sun, Tricia Bishop reports that the Maryland courts have afforded new protection for anonymous posters on the Internet.

“Maryland's Court of Appeals today issued a decision protecting the identity of three anonymous Internet posters and, for the first time, offering guidelines for state courts to follow in libel cases before unmasking online commenters.”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We all know that some of us anons are identified. There are probably no truely anon commenters here, or at least anons who cannot be identified if anyone tried.

Pat Hiban said...

It is scary to think that a blogger would have to turn over the names of 3 anonymous people who simply stated that a dunkin donuts had roaches. What has this litigeous society come to that this case got as far as it did. I mean so what, clean up the place, get an exterminator and move on.
What a relief the blogger won.