Thursday, February 19, 2009

Five Hours Later…

No wonder 47 degrees felt balmy. The temperature dropped twelve degrees in the five hours since my last post. The wind picked up too. Around two o’clock this afternoon we were driving west on Rouse Parkway by Snowden River Parkway and noticed the guys working up in the steel erection at Baxley Realty Advisors office condominium project next to the old Lone Star.

“That looks cold,” TW noted dryly.

I had to agree. On the other hand, they are probably happy just to be working in construction these days.

The cold is really starting to get to me. In better times, last February, Mama Wordbones and I were able to get out of town to a warm place for a week. That helped to take the edge off the cold a bit. It was 77 degrees and cloudy today on Virgin Gorda.


This year we are taking care of our two aging dogs. Lucky has been having a particularly rough time this winter.

Here’s a happy thought though, it’s only 30 days til spring.