Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s Good To Get Away

Mama Wordbones and I just returned from seven days in the British Virgin Islands or more specifically, Little Dix Bay on Virgin Gorda.

Little Dix Bay was created as one of the first “eco resorts” back in 1964. The buildings all blend in nicely with the environment (none is over two stories) and the majority of the land has been set aside as a permanent conservation easement. It was originally developed by Laurence Rockefeller in an attempt to preserve as much as the island as possible. If you like to hike and experience the natural beauty of a Caribbean island you won’t be disappointed in this place. There are no TV’s in the rooms.

It is a small place (population around 2,000) that is 1,600 miles from Baltimore yet we still met six people from Maryland while we were there.

Did y’all miss me?


Tom said...

The real question is:
Did you miss us?

wordbones said...

Sorta, kinda, but not really.

Freemarket said...

WB- are you going to do Clyde's this year? I noticed that registration has opened.

wordbones said...


I just received the notice of this years race in the mail today. I think I will sign up. How about you?

We should probably do a separate post on this.