Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tax Day

I filed my taxes today, my 2007 taxes. Today is the last possible day you can file your taxes without a penalty. It is truly a day for procrastinators.

I’m not alone either. TW, who sits in the desk next to me, is still working on his and when I picked up my paperwork from my accountants office this afternoon, there were several other clients’ files waiting to be picked up as well.

Since this is the very last day, it is considered a good idea to send them in by certified mail. This necessitates a trip to post office. I’d say it was mildly busy this afternoon. The lady who waited on me smiled when she realized what I was mailing.

“Have you seen a lot of these today?”

“The past couple days,” she corrected me, “though I have seen many more of them today.”

It’s nice to know that there is colony of fellow procrastinators out there. I told her about TW. “How late are you open this evening?”

“Seven o’clock but don’t tell that to your friend”

The clerk standing next to her behind the counter chuckled at that too.